Thursday, November 26, 2009


Frank Called Me At 7:03 AM With Big News ...

his buddy Jeff had just shot his first deer! Today is the first day of a four day antlerless deer season in the county they are hunting in. Frank said about 6:45 AM a big doe and a fawn came out into the oat patch toward the top of the hill 130 yards away. Jeff quickly put his Remington model 700 30.06 out the window and lined up his cross hairs on the big doe and squeezed the trigger. Frank said the doe went down at the shot and then got back up and disappeared into the woods. They were sitting in the stand talking giving the deer time to expire. Frank was looking out the window in the other direction and another doe walked out into the right of way 50 yards away. Frank grabbed Jeff's gun and aimed for the base of the neck and fired dropping his doe in its tracks. They were two very happy hunters having both just shot a deer about ten minutes apart! Frank said they went and got his truck and drove around down to his deer and loaded her up. Then they drove back down around and turned back and went up to the top of the hill where Jeff's deer had been. They got out and found her piled up about ten yards inside the wood line. They loaded the second deer into the truck, filled out their tags and headed into town. They used a come along and hung the deer up from a ladder under the big oak tree Franks grandfather has been using to hang deer and hogs up for over thirty years. After they get the deer dressed out, they are going to take them to the processor Dudley always used about 45 miles away. Dudley is glad to see all of Franks hard work planting the food plot and putting out the corn and acorns paid off in a big way. Helping your buddy to kill his first deer and then taking a second deer your self ten minutes later, man it does not get any better than that.

Dudley, what about the fawn? I mean, I'm not a PETA type but if the mother is killed won't the fawn die too?
The fawn would have been born in the spring and would be weaned by now and eating solid food. It should be able to make it on it's own.

Well, that's good.
Hermit I looked it up and whitetail fawns are weaned at six weeks of age. About the same time they lose their spots. A six month old deer can survive on it's own. There are a lot of dangers to contend with, bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions and deer hunters not to mention weather extreems. The smartest and healthiest deer usually survive and die at an old age from starvation when their teeth wear out. As you know it is a jungle out there and only the fittest survive.

Congratulations to Frank and his buddy.
Thanks Joated I will pass that along.

Dudley, yeah, I know it is. Glad you checked into it. I found a new fawn at a theater one time. It came out of the tree line. I called the Forest Service, they came out and said it would go back into the woods to it's mom. Instead , it ran out in the road and got squashed.
Deer vehicle collisons are a real problem. Even more so in areas that do not allow hunting.

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