Saturday, November 21, 2009


Frank And His Grandfather Went Hunting This Morning ...

down at the farm in East Texas. Frank sent me a text to let me know that they saw a buck walk across the power line right of way his stand sits on. He said it was a dark bodied buck and appeared to be fairly large. He only saw the deers antlers from the side so he had no way to know if the deer would meet the new antler restrictions. To be legal a buck has to have an inside antler spread of 13" or greater. I told him he should have grunted at the buck to try to stop him and get him to look his way so he could have tried to judge the width of the rack. He said he did not think of that in time. I think he was so surprised at seeing a deer after so many trips to the stand with no deer sightings. He is back hunting by himself right now. He is hoping the buck or another one will make a mid day appearance. Later this afternoon, Frank will go back to town and pick up his grandfather so they can go back to the farm for the evening hunt. Dudley never got to go deer hunting with his father or grandfather. Frank is a lucky man, I wonder if he knows just how fortunate he is?

I love this picture!
Thanks Becky, it is one of my favorites also.

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