Friday, November 20, 2009


Dudley Went And Got His Swine Flu H1N1 Shot ...


yesterday afternoon at a clinic put on by the local county health department. Dudley picked a good time to go around 3:00 PM as it was not too crowded. The morning crowd was gone as was the lunchtime crowd. The leave work early crowd had not arrived yet. It only took about fifteen minutes to get the shot. Dudley sat in a chair for fifteen minutes afterwards to make sure he did not have an adverse reaction. Dudley got out of there in about one half hour total. Dudley did not have to pay anything for the shot. No doubt the several thousand dollars in State, County and Local property taxes Dudley pays every year covered the cost of Dudley's shot and probably the shots of a few non tax paying citizens and non citizens as well. Dudley had some concerns about the safety of this new vaccine but his pulmonologist and his neurologist both insisted he get the shot. Dudley asked his neurologist if he was going to get the swine flu shot and he said he was. He told Dudley that if he got the swine flu, he would end up in ICU on a respirator fighting for his life. Dudley has been there and done that and would like to avoid that at all costs. Dudley made the decision to get the shot and he thinks it was the right one.

I'm not getting one. Every time I get some kind of damned shot, I get the disease.
Your probably less likely to be exposed to the virus than I am. I know I probably would not survive the swine flu so I took my chances.

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