Friday, November 13, 2009


Dudley, Frank and Lizzie Are Going Down To The ...

beautiful Texas Hill Country next month to go deer hunting! Dudley was able to make one heck of a good deal on a hunt for two mature management whitetail bucks and two exotic does on a 2,200 acre ranch outside of Kerrville Texas. The hunt includes one nights stay at the Y.O. Ranch Resort/Conference Center. The most exciting thing about this hunt is Lizzie is going to take her first deer on this trip. Dudley is just going along for the ride, this hunt is for the kids. Frank is going to take Lizzie out to the rifle range soon to let her get in some more range time and get used to the mild recoil of Dudley's Remington model 700 in .243 caliber. Dudley had a recoil pad put on and a muzzle brake prior to Frank killing his first deer down near Bandera Texas back in November of 2000. Can you tell he was happy in the photo above after bagging his first deer? Dudley hopes Lizzie will be just as excited. Dudley will be, that is for sure. The Y.O. Ranch Resort is a great place to stay. Before kids, Dudley and wife spent many vacations down in the Texas Hill Country and we always stayed at the Y.O. The Y.O. Ranch is one of the most historic ranches in the state. The ranch we are going to be hunting on is near the Y.O. Ranch and is owned by the same family. Dudley spoke to one of the great grandsons of the original founder of the Y.O. Ranch yesterday to finalize the plans for the kids hunt. Dudley is really looking forward to this trip and seeing Lizzie posing proudly with her first Whitetail Buck.

Good for you guys! Especially for taking Lizzie to get her first deer. Sure hope everything works out and she gets one that scores higher than big brother Frank's. ;-)
I already told Frank that Lizzie was going to kill the biggest buck. He replied that if so it would be beginners luck. Of course if he gets the big one it would be all skill involved!

Sounds like WAY too much fun.

Congratulations Lizzie!!
Thanks Brigid, It is going to be a lot of fun.

Sounds like a really nice place to stay and go hunting. I wish Lizzie all the luck in the world and I know it will make you so proud! :)
Thanks Marian!

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