Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Both Of These Bucks Were Hit And Killed Recently ...

in separate motor vehicle crashes in Van Zandt County near Canton Texas. It was reported that the crashes took place at night within a few hours of one another. Looks like those game wardens were working overtime. In Texas is is illegal to pick up a road killed animal. You are supposed to call the authorities. Of course there are a lot of trophy bucks hanging up on peoples walls that were found on the side of the road, tagged and taken to the taxidermist. It is a shame that two mature whitetail bucks met such an end. Dudley would rather see a hunter legally take a buck such as these. When the rut gets going, the big boys throw caution to the wind and chase the girls and it does not always end up in their favor. You take your chances and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. That's just the way life is.

what kind of car do I need to get one of those bucks?
Rex you might try any kind of vehicle and putting on a hood ornament that looks like the cross hairs of a scope. That should do the trick.

Good answer jdp...Editor cracks me up every time...I hate to see a road kill like this but if the meat can go to feed the hungry...that would be great.

Want to wish a safe and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! :)
Thanks Marian and Good Luck hunting and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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