Thursday, October 15, 2009


There Is Going To Be Some Excitement Saturday Evening ...

down at the Fort Worth Stockyards. A bunch of Dallas Queers are going to be staging a Queer Kiss In from 5:00 to 6:00 PM across from Risky's BBQ. Dudley has an idea these Dallas Queers may be in for a surprise when they try this stunt in Cowtown. Dudley was raised with the belief that people should be respectful of the rights of others, sort of a live and let live mentality. Dudley does not approve or think it is a good idea for a bunch of openly queer people to act like such idiots in public. It shows that they have no concern for the rights of others and only care about their own perverted self interests. They need to keep it behind closed doors like decent folks do. The Fort Worth Stockyards are a popular tourist destination for people from all parts of the world. Many families from out of town visit there each day and a lot of the visitors are small children. Dudley does not think they should be exposed to such a queer public display. Dudley has an idea that a lot of local people feel likewise and may just show up to protest the protesters. Dudley hopes the Fort Worth Police are prepared for the event. If one of those queers gets out of line and grabs a true Texas Cowboy by the crotch like happened at the Rainbow Lounge recently, things could get real ugly real fast. Those queers may end up wishing they had stayed in Dallas where they belong.

I don't care a damn about them either way, much like you. But when they try to be "in your face" then they aren't living their own lifestyles, they are intentionally trying to antagonize people who are not that way. They deserve what they get.
Hermit I have an idea those "Dallas Queers" may be walking into a giant barrel of black powder with a lit match. I hope the police are prepared.

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