Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Lizzie Rescued A Neighbors Dog Today ...

she saw him running outside and went out and called him to her. He came right up and she petted him and looked at the dog tag attached to his collar. She called the number on the tag and got the man who was at his office. He gave Lizzie his home number and she called and spoke to the wife. She said her husband must have left the gate open. They lived not far away on the next street over so she leashed up "Bongo" and walked him back home. The lady met her halfway and thanked Lizzie for calling as she had no idea Bongo had escaped. Bongo is now safely back to his home and Lizzie has done a good deed for the day. Way to go Lizzie and Bongo.

Bongo? Ah, ok. It was nice of your daughter to help out.
I thought that was a pretty strange name for a dog myself Hermit.

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