Sunday, October 11, 2009


Frank Made It Back From His Trip To East Texas ...

he drove through rain most of the way home. He said he and his Grandpa got the oats planted on the R.E.A. right of way. That is a photo of his grandfather driving the tractor, he is 82 years of age and still going strong. We almost lost him to cancer back in the early nineties but prayers were answered and he is with us still and one of his greatest joys is spending time with his grandson. They put out 50 pounds of seed oats and 250 pounds of fertilizer. The moisture content of the soil is good due to recent rains and it has rained since they finished running the disc and covering up the seeds and fertilizer. It is going to warm up later in the week so the seeds should start to sprout before long. After they finished with the planting, they filled up the gravity feeders with shelled corn. His grandpa is going to clean out his deer stand next week and put out a couple of jars of peanut butter. Deer Season is less than four weeks away. Maybe Frank will get that big buck he has been dreaming about on opening day!

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