Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Dudley's Wife Bought A New Refrigerator Last Night ...

at Lowe's. It is a 21.1 cubic foot model. With tax it cost $701.46 and we have twelve months to pay it off with no interest. She told them Home Depot was offering 12 months no interest charges on their appliances until October 30th and Lowe's agreed to match it. We have only been without a refrigerator here at the Dudley Domicile about 24 hours but you don't realize how dependant you are on having a way to keep food and drinks cold until you lose your refrigerator. Lowe's is going to be bringing it out between 8:00 and 10:00 AM. I wonder if anyone is going to put the last 12 years worth of magnets, photos, and notes on the new fridge. Might be a good time to thin those out. Dudley looked on Lowe's website and read the specs on this model and it said it was handicapped accessible. I wonder exactly what that means. It does not look like Dudley's power wheel chair will fit through the door!

Dudley, be sure you get that booger paid off in 12 months. If you don't the interest (which will be astronomical), will accrue from the day you bought it.
We are going to do our best to pay it off as quickly as possible Hermit.

I was just thinking last night that our refrig is 11 years old and now that I have the freezer stuffed again, we're probably running on 'borrowed time'....grrrr

Also am glad your MRI came back clear. I dreaded having one, just knew they would find a few loose screws.....:)
Chevy Rose I hope your refrigerator keeps on keeping on. Thanks for the good thoughts re the MRI. They did not mention any loose screws but I have no doubt there are more than a few in there.

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