Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Dudley Went And Got An MRI Done Of His Brain ...

yesterday evening. Dudley went to his neurologist for a check up recently and the doctor held a little wand up and said to follow with the eyes as he moved it back and forth. Dudley did so and noticed the doctor frowned. He asked Dudley if he has been experiencing any double vision and I said no but have noticed some blurred vision a few times. He said one of my eyes is not tracking with the other like they should. He said this could be caused by the Muscular Dystrophy or a thyroid condition, or a brain aneurysm or brain tumor. He sent Dudley for the MRI to see what the cause may be. This is the first time the doctor has ever noticed anything out of the ordinary. Dudley has a problem with chronic sinus infections and has an idea this condition may be related to that. Went to an allergist a few weeks ago and had a CT scan done and some blood work. Hopefully Dudley will get some answers in about 30 days when he has a followup appointment with the neurologist. Hopefully they can rule out the aneurysm or brain tumor scenario. Will have to just wait and see what the doctor says. It has been a dreary day here at the Dudley domicile. It has been raining most of the day and probably will on through the night. There is a cold front moving in from the west. Frank got rained out from his lawn mowing job so Dudley got to spend the day with him for a change. He was able to go pick up Lizzie when she got out of school which saved Dudley from having to get out in the rain. Hopefully the rain will clear out by tomorrow and we will get some cooler fall weather. The leaves are starting to change colors and fall from the trees. Dudley is going to try and drive out to the lake one day next week and enjoy the changing season. Maybe get some photos for Dudley's Diary.

That sucks, having to worry about something like that. Sometimes it seems to me that life just isn't worth living.
Not ready to give up yet Hermit but I did have plenty to worry about before that last trip to the doctor.

Let's hope and pray it want be bad news...will be keeping you in my prayers Dudley.
Thanks Marian, I believe in the power of prayer.

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