Sunday, October 25, 2009


Dudley Scored A Great Find On eBay Yesterday Evening ...

Dudley has had a pair of Red Ball Rubber Boots since the early 80's. He bought them when he was working as an Insurance Adjuster and used to carry them in the trunk of his company car so he could put them on in a moments notice whenever he encountered wet/muddy conditions. Dudley also wore them for years on numerous hunting and fishing expeditions. They also came in handy every year when Dudley and his father in law planted cover crops every fall for the deer hunting season. The last ten years or so Frank has pretty much taken over Dudleys Red Ball boots as he has found them to be just as useful for his hunting and fishing and farming pursuits. Dudley wears a size 10 and Frank a size 11 so they fit a little snug. The Red Ball company went out of business sometime during the 1990's. Dudley was on eBay yesterday and remembered to look to see if he could find any Red Ball boots for sale. Lo and behold Dudley found a store that had two pairs NIB with tags, one a size 9 and the other a size 11. Dudley called Frank and told him he had found a new pair of the prized Red Ball boots in size 11 and asked if he wanted them. He said hell yeah so Dudley made the purchase. Dudley and wife owed Frank around thirty dollars for cleaning the outside of the house last weekend and that is just about what the boots cost with shipping. These boots are just a little taller than Dudleys and have a strap at the top for cinching up the boot to keep water from getting in. They have the famous Red Ball logo just like Dudleys. These boots are perfect for Dudley and son, as the tag reads , they are for Hunting, Fishing, Farming and more!

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