Thursday, October 29, 2009


Dudley Is Going To Buy A Gallon Of This Stuff ...

pretty soon. Frank called yesterday and said they went back and mowed the yard with the huge oak tree where he got all of the acorns from and said he examined the leaves and it is a Red Oak tree. That is a little disappointing as the White Oak acorns are less bitter and are preferred by deer and hogs. Some time before Thanksgiving, we will go by the feed store and get some feed grade molasses and pour it on top of the acorns we are going to put out upwind from his stand. We are going to do this three days before the start of the four day doe season. Frank is going to take his buddy out to the farm and be his hunting guide and try to help him bag his first deer. I think his chances should be pretty good with the cover crop, and the acorns and the corn feeders they have in place. Opening day of rifle season is just nine days away and Frank is almost ready to go try to kill a buck. He has to go check the deer rifle out and make sure the scope is still zeroed in. He probably will go do that on Tuesday morning. It is raining again here at the Dudley domicile. If this rain does not let up, Frank may have to forget deer hunting and put on some waders, grab his shotgun and go duck hunting!

Good luck on the hunt, Dudley.
Thanks Hermit, Frank is going to be doing all of the hunting during the month of November. If I get to go hunting at all this year it will be sometime around the middle of December.

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