Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Dudley Has Spent A Few Hours On The Phone ...

yesterday afternoon and today trying to run down a Seasonal Flu Shot. Dudley got a voucher in the mail the other day for a free flu shot at Walgreen's but Dudley called five or more of their stores as far away as 25 miles and every one is out of the vaccine. Dudley called his neurologist's office and they are not doing flu shots this year. He called his primary care doctor and they also are not offering any flu shots this year. After several more calls, Dudley finally found a place where he can get the shot tomorrow morning but Dudley will have to be there at 8:00 AM when the doors open. Once that is done, Dudley can then wait for three weeks and then decide if he is going to get the H1N1 vaccine for the Swine Flu. Dudley will probably get that shot as well because Dudley knows if he contracts the Swine flu it will probably be Audios Amigos. Dudley's wife works at a large Regional Children's Hospital and she is at risk for getting the disease even though she works in an office in a supporting role and is not directly involved in providing health care. At times like this, Dudley wishes he had a remote cabin up on the top of a mountain somewhere with a good supply of food and water so he could get away from people and try to avoid getting sick. No such luck, Dudley will just have to take his chances.

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