Monday, October 26, 2009


Dudley And Frank Made Another Big Score ...

yesterday evening right after the Cowboy game. Frank told Dudley while we were watching the game that one of the yards that he mowed Friday had a huge oak tree and that the ground was covered with acorns. The homeowner wanted them all picked up so Franks boss used a blower and blew all of the acorns into piles that they picked up and put into large paper bags. Dudley asked Frank whey he did not put them into the truck at that time and he said they were in too big of a hurry. We went over there right before dark and were glad to find the two bags full of acorns sitting by the curb. Frank loaded them into his truck and we went home and he poured them into a 120 quart ice chest and was able to fill it to the top. Dudley thinks these are White Oak acorns but is not for sure. Frank is going to spread these out upwind from his stand. He should be able to get a bunch more acorns from the same house the next time they mow. The tree these acorns fell from was huge. Maybe he can fill up another 120 quart ice chest. If Frank waits until late in the deer season and puts a bunch out, it could work like a magnet to draw in the deer and the hogs. Maybe he will get lucky and see a sight like in the top photo. Wouldn't that be something!

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