Saturday, September 12, 2009


This Is A Tourby Classic Watch Enamel Dial Model ...

A1a. Dudley thinks it is a work of art as well as a finely crafted mechanical watch. It is made in Germany and has a Swiss movement. The white face enamel dial has bold black Arabic numerals for hours one through twelve with the exception of the six which is absent for the sub seconds dial in it's place. The outer rim of the dial has smaller blue Arabic numerals in five minute increments. Dudley is going to order his watch with the cut out blue spade hands shown for the hour, minute and second hands. The case has a double bezel and is of polished steel. You can watch the decorated movement keep time as it is housed in a glass back case. Dudley would prefer the 18 carat gold version but that will have to wait until he wins the Lottery. Dudley is going to order the genuine imported Louisiana Alligator Watch Band in blue as shown above which is hand stitched in Germany. The watch comes in a Maple Presentation box. It is going to take Dudley a while to save up the money to buy the watch. When he gets it, will post a photo to Dudley's Diary.

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