Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This Is Dudley's Favorite Painting ...

It is entitled "After The Hunt" and was painted by Arthur William Woelfle. (1873-1936) That is him in the lower photo wearing the knee high socks and what appears to be a skirt. That is his wife seated to his side. The painting was used by the Four Roses Whiskey Company in the early 1900's. Original metal lithographs of this painting go for around one thousand dollars at auction. Dudley bought a small tin sign copy of the painting years ago. After moving several times it got damaged and Dudley threw it out thinking he would be able to buy a replacement. No such luck, Dudley has searched high and low on the Internet and they are not reproducing this for the retro tin sign market any longer. The painting shows a nice eight point whitetail buck, some ruffled grouse, mallard ducks, a red fox . There is an old Winchester lever action carbine hanging on the wall of a log cabin and an old Parker SxS double barrel shot gun leaning against the wall. There is a deck of cards, smoking pipe , shot glass and last but not least a bottle of Four Roses Whiskey. To Dudley, that scene is a glimpse into what the Indians used to call the "Happy Hunting Grounds" which is where Dudley hopes to go when his work here is done. That scene just tells half the story, as there will be a lot of fishing, wooden boats and vintage outboard motors, bamboo fly rods and the like. Perhaps Dudley will take up painting one of these days.

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