Saturday, September 12, 2009


Dudley Has Always Been Fascinated With Watches ...

as least as long as he can remember. Dudley learned to tell time in school and remembers getting his first watch. It was a boys Timex with a brown band. It was a simple watch but it was a real mechanical watch. You wound it up and it made a wonderful ticking sound as it kept time. Sometime later, that little watch quit running and I replaced it with another one. My memory is fading but I think my next watch may have been like the Timex Cub Scout watch above. The next two photos are of the watch Dudley has been wearing for the last five or more years. It is a Seiko Railroad Approved Quartz Watch. The metal band that came with the watch broke a few weeks ago and Dudley replaced it with the leather band. The last photo is of a watch similar to the one Dudley wore in high school. Dudley's was a little different in that it had a black band and instead of the flags on the dial, it had a CAMARO emblem. Dudley's father bought him that watch. Sadly the watch, the Camaro and Dudley's dad are long gone. Gone but at least not forgotten. Dudley misses the old style mechanical watches. They were not as accurate and trouble free as a modern quartz watch. But they they had so much more character. Dudley is saving his money to buy a quality mechanical wrist watch. Dudley can't afford a Rolex White Face Daytona (the watch of his dreams) or a Chronoswiss or a Patek Philippe. Dudley has found there are a couple of companies in Germany making quality men's wrist watches using Swiss mechanical movements. They have enamel dials and look like an American Railroad Pocket Watch. They have glass backs so you can watch the operation of the watch as time ticks away. Dudley will have to settle for a polished steel case as the gold is too expensive. The watches are made by Stowa and Tourby and are in Dudley's opinion, functional works of art. Dudley will post some photos of these watches tomorrow.

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