Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Dallas Cowboys Need To Work On Their Proceedures ...

for getting fans into the stadium safely. Frank said when he and his buddy got to the stadium, they stood in line outside one of the end zones. Apparently that is the entrance those with Party Passes are required to use. Frank said the fans with tickets to seats in the stadium had been entering gates at the sides of the stadium for some time but those with the Party Passes were left standing outside the closed gates/doors. Finally they opened the doors and thousands of fans started a mad rush inside. Frank said he was caught up in a moving mass of people and as he approached the entrance, he saw a uniformed Arlington Police officer just a few feet away holding a taser out in front of him and Frank said you could see the electricity arching and hear the gun making a loud popping noise. Frank said he saw the gun aimed at him and he threw his arms up in the air and he said the officer motioned him to go on inside. I guess he was prepared to tase anyone he thought was getting out of line. Frank saw a news report a few days after the game and saw a stadium spokeswoman responding to the many complaints. She said she had heard of people saying they were in fear of being tasered but that she had not been able to confirm any of the reports. Frank said he could damn sure confirm this for her if she would give him a call. After a certain number of people that had Party Passes got in the stadium, the fire marshal said they had reached the limit and they refused to allow any more people inside even if they had purchased one of the Party Passes. Jerry Jones needs to re evaluate the number of Party Passes being sold. It is not right to sell more tickets than the fire code will allow in the stadium at one time. There were several persons arrested for unruly behavior according to the local media. Dudley has heard from one source that the stadium has it's own jail/holding cell on site. At any rate, they need to get this resolved before the next home game Monday Night. If they don't someone is going to get injured or killed needlessly.

That sounds like a recipe for disaster. Remember the films of the people being crushed in the stampede at British soccer games? I think I would pass on going to those games.
You are right Hermit. I will be watching the games on television. I would like to go to one game in the new stadium but am going to wait until it has been open a while.

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