Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Lizzie Sent Some More Pictures From The Seattle ...

area. They went to a nearby island and went hiking. They did not get to climb up to the top of the lighthouse because it had closed but they had a good time exploring the island. Dudley has always been fascinated by lighthouses. Dudley is pretty much a loner and in his next life would like to come back to an earlier time and be a lighthouse keeper on the coast somewhere. Anywhere as long as he could spend the majority of his time deer hunting and fishing. When he was not busy doing that, he could sit back, smoke a pipe, drink a beer and watch the dolphins and whales swim by and always keep the light shining bright to keep the five masted schooners away from the rocks and or sand bars. I think most lighthouses today are automated and the poor old lighthouse keepers are only a distant memory. Kind of like cabooses on freight trains which Dudley also misses. Tomorrow, Lizzie and the friends she is staying with in Seattle are flying out to Las Vegas for a short vacation. Lizzie has never been there before and it should be a lot of fun. She would have a lot more fun if she was old enough to gamble but she will have to wait on that. She should have a lot of fun going to see some shows, eating good food and spending time at the swimming pool. She said they may take a side trip out to see Hoover Dam as well. I hope she does as it is an impressive site. When Dudley went to Las Vegas years ago on a company trip, Dudley rode a tour bus out to Hoover dam then went to a local airport and boarded a plane for a trip to the Grand Canyon. It was a lot of fun seeing both the Grand Canyon and Hoover dam from the air.

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