Thursday, July 30, 2009


Lizzie Is On Her Way To Las Vegas Today ...



for a three day weekend. The friends she is staying with up in Seattle this summer go there several times a year. Lizzie is not old enough to play the slot machines but she will have a great time I know. She will be able to see the sights and eat a lot of great food. They are staying in one of the top end resorts in Vegas and Lizzie and Kate will spend most of their time in the swimming pool no doubt. They are also going to get to go see some of the shows and maybe do a little sight seeing. She said they may go out to see Hoover Dam. Hopefully she will take her camera and send Dudley some pictures when she gets back to Seattle. Lizzie will be coming home in less than two weeks. We all can't wait to see her, it seems like she has been gone forever.

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