Thursday, July 23, 2009


Frank Went To The Ranger Game Tonight ...

and just got home a few minutes ago. Dudley watched the game on tv and was glad to see the Rangers sweep the Boston Red Sox. The Rangers have a four game winning streak going. They have an off day tomorrow and then fly up to Kansas City to play the Royals. Frank worked today mowing and took off work a little early to come home and take a shower before he left for the ballpark. When he came in the door, Dudley was sitting at the computer wearing his bathrobe. Dudley was surprised to see Frank was followed by a nineteen year old girl. Thanks a lot son for the heads up. Dudley talked to her while Frank took a shower. She seemed like a nice girl, she graduated from my sons high school the year after he did. She was a cheerleader when Frank played high school football. She went to A&M last year and is going back in the fall. Frank has paid off all of his debt and is going to the local junior college this fall. I hope he is ready to get serious about his studies and his future. He is going to need to make a lot of money some day so he can take me on some guided hunting and fishing trips. I have taken him on several and he needs to return the favor.

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