Sunday, July 19, 2009


Dudley Went And Bought A New Vacuum Cleaner ...

today to try and keep the Dudley Domicile a little cleaner. Our old vacuum cleaner crapped out some time ago and we have been trying to get by with a broom and a dust mop. Dudley's entire house is carpet free with the exception of a hall closet. The rest of the floor coverings are hardwood floors in the bedrooms, and laminate flooring in the hall and living room and tile floors in the den, entryway, kitchen, laundry room and both bathrooms. Dudley decided to bite the bullet and shell out the big bucks for a Dyson DC 25 All Floors Ball Model Vacuum Cleaner. Dudley's wife was proud of him obtaining a coupon for a full twenty percent off of any one item at a local store. The coupon knocked the price down from $499.99 to $399.99 plus tax. Dudley saved a total of $108.25 on the deal. Dudley's wife is a big fan of clipping coupons for the grocery shopping. The savings add up over time which helps with the budget. Dudley took Frank with him to tote the thing out to the truck and in to the house. The machine itself only weighs 16.5 lbs but it was bulky and packed securely in a big cardboard box. Dudley unpacked the thing and put it together. After dinner (homemade tacos) we tried it out and ended up vacuuming the whole house. Tomorrow, Dudley is going to try out the cleaning wand and attachments and give all of his mounted deer heads and wild boar hog a good cleaning. It will take all day to do it as I will have to do one and then sit down and rest a while. When your lungs are only functioning at thirty something percent of normal, you get tired pretty easily. We have a total of five ceiling fans that could all use a cleaning as well. The best thing about this vacuum is that there are no bags. It has a canister that you remove by pressing a button and you just hold it over a trash can and push a release lever and it pops open and your shake out the dust and debris. I think we are going to like this machine and it is covered with a five year warranty. It has two washable filters and should keep the dust down and help with Dudley's allergies.

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