Monday, July 27, 2009


Dudley Was Pissed Off After Watching The News ...

this evening. Around lunchtime today, a female UPS driver was delivering packages to a local apartment complex when she was approached by a man who from all accounts must have been under the influence of illegal drugs of some kind. The woman told him to please leave her alone and let her do her job. He then proceeded to knock her to the ground and started stabbing her in the back repeatedly with a knife. The Fort Worth Police arrived and confronted the suspect who was wielding the bloody knife. Two officers ordered him to drop the knife, he refused and a female officer then fired her taser at the suspect. The suspect then attacked the officer and her partner then fired several shots stopping any further attack. The officer received minor injuries and the UPS driver and suspect both were rushed to area hospitals in critical condition. Come to find out the suspect is a refugee from Sudan. He is one of the "Lost Boys" who fled across a desert as young boys to escape a civil war in their native country. Then some church with the best of intentions brought them here and our government in their infinite wisdom provides them with a home to live in, food and medical care at tax payer expense. When will the American people wake up and demand a stop to such misguided though well intended programs. They are recipes for disaster. People like that have about as much chance of successfully assimilating here as Dudley would have if he woke up one morning in the middle of Africa. I hope that poor UPS driver recovers. This really burns Dudley up that there are people in this country that seem intent on destroying it. Just a few days ago, Frank went to the door to sign for a package he had ordered and it was delivered by a female UPS driver. It very well may have been the lady that is now fighting for her life. Something needs to be done in this country about the immigration problem, both legal and illegal. God help us if we continue on the path we are on.

We just keep right on importing these scumbags. You can bet your ass the mealy mouthed preacher who was responsible for bringing these subhumans into the country was nowhere around when this happened. The churches bring them in, then cut them loose on the rest of us.
You are right about that Hermit. When I worked in the Foodstamp/Welfare office years ago I had to deal with an assortment of refugees. Most of them are arrogant as hell and come over here with an attitude that we owe them something. The organizations that bring them over get money from the government. They promise them the moon and then when they come here they find out the hard way they were lied to. For every refugee that makes it over here there are 99 more that are lifelong leeches on society and or criminals.

We have a dentist here in town who went to Burma. She brought back a large amount of these people back. Lets just say they have no clue to how we live here in America. They have ruined a whole apartment complex and along with other things. It makes me really mad everytime I ride by.
I know what you mean H2o. I talked to a UPS driver a few minutes ago and asked how the lady was doing. He said she is out of the hospital and is going to be OK. I asked if he knew of the suspects condition. He said he heard he is going to survive. Hopefully he will be going to prison for an extended period of time.

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