Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Dudley Saw This Sidewalk Surfboard On Ebay ...

the other day. They were wanting $150.00 for it which is ridiculous but who knows they may get it. When Dudley was a small child, he remembers well going to the local Fedmart in Wichita Falls with his sister and we each got to pick out one of these. Those skateboards were made right here in Fort Worth by Nash Manufacturing. My memory is not clear as to which color skateboard I chose. I think we had a blue and green version. They also came in yellow, red and orange I believe. We had a lot of fun playing with those skateboards and surfing on the concrete patio behind this house or on the sidewalks out front. Those skateboards had metal wheels which worked really good until as I learned one day the hard way, one of them comes into contact with a small rock as you are flying down the sidewalk at full speed. Dudley got a lesson in physics that day when he was hauling ass down the sidewalk and the skateboard came to an immediate stop after hitting a pebble. Dudley stopped a few seconds later after falling face first onto the concrete sidewalk. The details of exactly what happened after that are sketchy but I think I did manage to knock out one or more of my front teeth. The only good thing was they were baby teeth so I got some new ones after a time. That wasn't the first time Dudley did something like that. A few years before when I was a toddler, I opened up a lower dresser drawer and climbed up on it and somehow managed to pull the thing down on top of my face. From what I understand that brought about a trip to the emergency room where an oral surgeon put the teeth back into place. If he had known I was going to knock them out again a few years later he could have just saved himself the trouble. It is a wonder Dudley has made it to 50 years of age. Just lucky I guess.

I was never into skateboarding.
Good thing Hermit those early skateboards with metal wheels were death traps.

You could look at these adventures as character building events.

Or as proove that you've got a hard head. After all, if it wasn't hard, you would be here today.

Parents ever call you Timex?

Think about it.
Joated I am hard headed without a doubt. That is part of my manly charm.

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