Monday, July 27, 2009


Dudley Has Not Felt Like Doing Anything Much ...

the last few days. The most constructive thing Dudley did yesterday was watch the Rangers baseball game. The Rangers won so that was good and what made it even better is that the Angels finally lost a game. Hopefully the Rangers will win tonight against Detroit. Lizzie called today and Dudley enjoyed talking to her about some more pictures she sent of a trip she took to a waterfall and to an island near Seattle. Dudley will post some of the photos in the next few days. We have been getting some rain showers here at the Dudley domicile which is a welcome diversion this time of year. A cold front came through and the high temperature was only around eighty degrees if you can believe that. It is usually around one hundred degrees this time of the year. Foxy normally stays inside with Dudley in the AC but it has been so nice outside, she has stayed out most of the day. She better enjoy it while she can, there is a lot of summer here left in North Texas and it will be one hundred plus degrees before long. You know what they say about Texas weather, if you don't like it just wait a few days, it will surely change.

We're supposed to get a bit of rain tonight. I won't mind it, the woods are getting dry, and the tourists from Atlanta are out and about. That's a dangerous combination for a guy who lives in the forest.
Rain is a good thing this time of year that is for sure. We had some bad range fires last year in Northwest Texas that burned thousands of acres and threatened several rural communities and several people got trapped and burned to death.

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