Monday, June 22, 2009


This Pretty Well Describes How Dudley Feels ...

after today. Dudley had to get out twice today during the hottest part of the day and it is Summer time in Texas. I think the temperature hit 100 degrees today for the first time. Damn it was hot outside and Dudley could feel the heat sapping what little strength Dudley has just making the short walk from the front door to the drive way. The high temperature is forecast to reach the century mark every day this week. Looking on the bright side, Dudley does not have to go anywhere the next couple of days so he can stay inside with the A/C going. Thursday Dudley will have to get out again in the hottest part of the day. As Dudley gets older, extremes in temperature seem to take a greater toll. Frank is still down at the Texas coast fishing with his buddies. Dudley has not heard from him since fathers day when he sent a text message with good wishes for the day and advising they had loaded the boat and were getting ready to head out to the land cut to the cabin for several days of non stop fishing. He advised the area is so remote that cell phones would not work. Dudley told him to call me as soon as he gets back to civilization with a full fishing report. It sucks Dudley can not be with him on the trip but it will be fun to hear his stories about fishing this legendary area on the Texas coast. Hopefully he will take some photos as well. If he brings back any photos, you will see them on Dudley's Diary.

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