Monday, June 29, 2009


Lizzie Is On An Alaska Airlines Jumbo Jet This Morning ...

and she is going to escape this oppressive Texas heat wave we have been experiencing the last week or so. She is on her way to Seattle WA with our old next door neighbors who moved up there about five months ago. Lizzie has been babysitting their daughter Kate since she was a toddler. She turned six a few days ago and they came back to Texas over the weekend to celebrate her birthday. The photos above show Lizzie and Kate taking a dip in the pool Saturday. Sunday morning they came by the house and picked Lizzie up and they went to spend the day at Hurricane Harbor. They spent the night last night at a hotel out at the airport and got up early this morning to head up to Seattle. Lizzie is going to stay up there for a whole month and will no doubt have a great time. She took her passport and they are going to take a trip up to Canada and she will get to see all of the great attractions in and around the Seattle area. They live in a four bedroom water front home on a big lake outside town. The view across the lake is spectacular with a volcano looming in the distance. Lizzie took her camera and hopefully will take a lot of great photos that I can post on Dudley's Diary. Lizzie is going to be working while she is up there at the day camp that Kate is attending this summer so she will be able to earn a little money while she is there. Lizzie is lucky to get out of Texas during the heat and is going to get to see a part of the world that Dudley has never been to.

Her Aunt Lo wishes she could have hidden away in her suitcase! I'm already tired of the Texas heat and it's not July yet! I know she'll have a great time. Bennett and I miss her already!
I just checked the status on her flight and she arrived in Seattle and her great Northwest Adventure has begun!

Aunt Lo/Big Sis Dudley does not think you would fit in her suitcase but now Bennett would have fit. We should have sent him along for the ride!

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