Thursday, June 11, 2009


Frank And Lizzie Got Up With The Chickens ...

this morning and headed out to West Texas for a kayak fishing adventure with River Run Guide Service. They met their guide this morning at 7 AM at the historic Stone Arch Bridge below Morris Sheppard Dam below Possum Kingdom Reservoir. They are going to be fishing out of kayaks on the Brazos River. Dudley hopes they have a good trip and catch some fish. They are going to be fishing for Largemouth bass and striped bass below the dam. The guide they are going with knows the Brazos River as well as any one. Dudley has an attachment to this part of the Great State of Texas. Dudley spent many happy times in years past hunting and fishing at his Uncles Ranch on the Brazos River about twenty miles downstream from where the kids will be fishing today. When Dudley was growing up, he made many memorable trips to friends lake houses on Possum Kingdom. The scenery around the lake is spectacular with the most famous landmark being Hells Gate shown above. Their guide usually takes a lot of pictures of his clients and their fish so hopefully Dudley will have some photos to post in the next day or two. Dudley is under a severe thunderstorm warning right now but Dudley checked the radar and the kids are out of the severe weather. Where they are fishing is heavy overcast which is good, that should improve the fishing!

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