Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Frank And Dudley Made A Run Out To Cabela's ...

yesterday evening after he got off work. Frank had to get some fishing tackle for his upcoming trip to the Texas Coast. He bought a Mirrolure suspending and topwater lure. He also bought a pint of artificial shrimp in the New Penny color. He bought a package of 1/4 oz saltwater jig heads to use with the shrimp. He also picked up some DOA shrimp and spec rigs in glow color for fishing at night under the lights. Frank's buddy said that they have seines down at the cabin that they can use to try and catch live shrimp if the artificials don't produce. Dudley hopes they catch and bring home a bunch of speckled trout fillets. It would be nice to have some fresh fish to eat. Dudley would like to see Frank catch his first Redfish. Maybe he will get lucky and catch one. He is going to go to Academy tomorrow night and buy an inexpensive spinning rod and reel combo to take down to the coast. He is also going to take Dudley's old 7 wt fiberglass Daiwa fly rod and reel and do a little fly fishing. Dudley promised Frank he would put a new leader on this fly fishing line today so he will be ready to go on Friday. Tonight Frank and three of his friends are going to the Rangers/Astros game. The Rangers won last night and I think they clinched the Silver Boot again with the victory. Go Rangers!

Your son is really into fishing. Good skill to have, you never know when it will cease being sport and start being survival.
Hope it does not come to that but the way things are going, who knows Hermit.

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