Sunday, April 12, 2009


We Ate Like Royalty Last Night At The Dudley Domicile ...

Frank cooked a bunch of bacon wrapped venison tenderloins or "back strap" as Dudley calls it. Dang but it was good and it is made even better given that Dudley and son obtained this wonderful meal the old fashioned way via hunting for it. Dudley ate a hot baked potato on the side with a couple of hot dinner rolls. He washed it all down with a cold glass of milk. As Dudley is typing this he is snacking on some cold venison summer sausage and washing it down with a Dr. Pepper. Dudley sure does hope he can go hunting again next year and get some more deer meat for the freezer. Earlier today, Dudley watched the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Mavericks both lose. I wish they would quit playing at the same time, it makes it hard to watch either one with all of the switching back and forth. Late this afternoon, Dudley and son went to Bass Pro Shops to exchange a shirt for Dudley that Frank had bought for him the last time he and his buddies went. It was marked with two tags showing it was an XL but when Dudley went to put it on he discovered it was a 2XL, Dudley is a big guy but he is not that big. The shirt is yellow and has a picture of a fly rod and a tarpon on it. Dudley is looking forward to wearing it and needs to buy some more shirts. Some of Dudley's T shirts are starting to show some age and wear sort of like Dudley. We got a good rain here yesterday evening and last night. Frank had to pull the grill across the patio up to the back patio steps under the roof overhang so he could turn the venison with out getting wet. It probably is a good thing Dudley does not eat that well every day, if he did he probably would wear a 3 XL in a T shirt!

That's a little rare, ain't it?
Ya Hermit that is a photo I pulled off of the internet. Ours were a little more done than that one.

Sounds like Frank is a good cook. Around here, we like to have bacon wrapped duck, skewered on kabob sticks. Yum!
Bacon wrapped duck sounds really good Terri. Frank is a pretty good cook outdoors on the grill!

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