Sunday, April 26, 2009


This Giant Gator Was Killed A Few Years Ago ...

Length: 13 feet, 1 inch
Weight: 735 pounds
Girth of head: 54 inches
Girth of neck: 39 inches
Girth of body: 60 inches
Girth at base of tail: 44 inches

on the Trinity River about halfway between Dallas and Houston Texas near the town of Crockett. You can read about the hunt here. Dudley always wanted to go alligator hunting but never got the chance. Most of the gator hunting in Texas was always centered in a handful of counties down on the coast in south east Texas. A few years ago the Parks and Wildlife Department started issuing permits in additional counties away from the historical coastal hunting areas. There are gators all over East Texas but most people never see them. There are gators on the Trinity River above Lake Worth not far from where Dudley lives. Fried alligator tail is one of Dudley's favorite appetizers. Have not eaten any in some time maybe Dudley needs to go gator huntin!

cripes thats huge. Im glad i live in the northeast away from monsters like that.
That is a big gator Joe, I used to work in and around the area where that gator was killed but I never saw anything like that.

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thats sad to him dead!
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