Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Dudley's Wife Is Going To Stimulate The Central American Economy ...

this summer. Dudley and wife recently got their tax refund and paid $500.00 towards repayment of the loan towards the new HVAC system we bought back in 2007. We split the balance. Dudley is saving up for an AR-15 rifle and Dudley's wife is going to go to the beach again with the friend she went to Cozumel with last summer. She is a retired school teacher and now works as a travel agent. They have been on a lot of nice trips over the years. Her friends husband is a rocket scientist and works for a NASA contractor. He designed and implemented the dashboard/avionics for the space shuttle. Because of all of the negative publicity about travel to Mexico due to the drug wars, she is exploring other vacation destinations. They are going to travel to Belize and will be staying for five days on an island resort. They were able to get some super cheap air fairs round trip from DFW and Houston. If anyone is in the market to travel by air, now is a good time to make reservations.

That sounds like a nice time.
I am sure they will have fun Hermit. I am going to invest in something more lasting, cold hard steel,brass and lead.

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