Friday, April 10, 2009


Dudley Went To The Doctor Earlier In The Week ...

for his six months check up. The doc advised he is now ready to refer Dudley for some genetic testing to try and get a better handle on the type of muscular dystrophy Dudley is dealing with. The main test they are going to be doing sometime in the next few months is to confirm or rule out if Dudley has Pompe disease. It is a long shot for sure but if Dudley is suffering from this form of muscular dystrophy, that would be good news if you can call it that because this is the only form of md for which there is a treatment currently. The doc says the treatment would not make Dudley any better but he advised it has been shown to stop the progression of the disease in it's tracks. Of course Dudley's health insurance company would not be thrilled to hear of such a diagnosis as the cost of the treatment is $25,000.00 per month or $300,000.00 per year! The doctor has assured Dudley that he can get his insurance to pay for the treatment if it is indicated by the tests. It sure would be nice to have some good news for a change. Time will tell.

I'd trust any insurance company as far as I could throw them. As far as my own experience dictates, they are all blood sucking bastards and dens of thieves.
Hermit your suspicions are correct. I worked in the Insurance Industry for fifteen years and you are right on target.

It's a lot of money but you have to think of the cost of long term care or stopping something from getting worse. My bet is they will fork over the money.
H2O if they confirm that I have the disease for which they have a treatment my doctor assures me he can get the Insurance Company to pay for it. In addition to a medical degree, my neurologist also has a law degree and he has the knowledge and ability to make an Insurance Company pay.

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