Thursday, April 9, 2009


Dudley Was Watching The Barrett Jackson ...

auction a little while ago. They are down in Palm Beach Florida and just auctioned off a 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 Sport Coupe with less than 13,000 original miles. The high bid was $19,000.00 after adding in the auction fees, total drive out price was $20,900.00. For a short while today, Dudley went back almost three decades to the time when Dudley and his father went down to the local Chevrolet dealer and ordered Dudley a brand new car like the one above. Dudley's was silver with a black vinyl interior. It had red and orange racing stripes and the same engine as the car above, a 350 4 barrel V8. The auctioned car had an automatic transmission, Dudley's had a four speed manual transmission. Dudley put in a Pioneer Supertuner/Cassette Player and four Jensen Coaxial Speakers. That was one bad ass ride let me tell you. Dudley remembers well the excitement when the call finally came in after weeks of waiting. Dudley drove over to the dealer in his 1976 Rally Sport Camaro, traded out the old car for the new and drove away in the best car Dudley ever owned. Dudley drove the hell out of that car for four years and then traded it in on Dudley's 1983 Jeep CJ-5. Dudley still has the Jeep after all of those years. The Z-28 is long gone except for the Hurst Shifter knob which Dudley took out of the Camaro and put in the Jeep. It is good to know a small piece of that bad ass ride lives on in the Jeep, and in Dudley's memory.

I never got into cars, really. My passion was aircraft. But I can share your enthusiasm for a nice piece of machinery.
Hermit the older I get the more I can appreciate anything that is quality built. A fine automobile, motorcycle, double barrel shotgun, bamboo flyrod, pocket watch or what ever. Most of what is being manufactured these days is crap as you well know.

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