Thursday, April 2, 2009


Dudley Is Worn Out ...

it has been another stressful week here at the Dudley domicile. Dudley had to make several phone calls to put out a couple of fires this morning. Then Dudley went out and ran multiple errands. First, Dudley went to the bank then the Post Office to mail a check and a couple of letters. Dudley is still fighting with the Power Company who has refused my request to keep me classified as a critical care customer. It is the spring storm season and the power goes out pretty regular down here. Dudley lives in a creek bottom and that means a lot of trees which cause a lot of power outages when it storms. Dudley's very life depends on the use of two electrical machines which help keep Dudley from going into respiratory failure while he is asleep. Either the people Dudley is dealing with are complete morons or the power company is retaliating against Dudley for calling his State Representative last time the power went out and they delayed restoring the power for several days even though at that time Dudley was on the critical care customer list. After the Post Office, Dudley went and got his oil changed in his truck and went to the drive through truck wash. Then it was on to the drive through convenience store to buy Lotto tickets. After that, Dudley went back by the bank to get money for his haircut tomorrow and then on to Kinko's to get some copies made and to fax a letter. It was a pretty busy day for someone like Dudley who is retired. It is going to be another full day Friday. Hopefully when the weekend gets here Dudley can get some much needed rest.

I'm tired just reading that! I can't believe you have to fight to be classified as a critical care customer. This seems like a no-brainer to me!
Thanks Terri, I think the power company is retaliating against me for calling my State Representative a few years ago when my power went out and they did not repair the damage in a timely manner (two or three days) even though I was on their Critical Customer Care list.

Any time you cross swords with a company, they will be mean spirited and try to punish you for standing up to them. But what else can you do, if you roll over for them they'll be perfectly content to let you die. You're doing about all a man can do. Maybe you could get a generator and have it wired into the house with a transfer switch. That costs a lot of money though. Seems like every solution to every problem does, and that makes it impractical a lot of the time.
Hermit I have thought about the generator option and have ruled it out due to the cost and other factors. I am going to just keep fighting the power company trying different approaches until I find the one that will work.

The power company isn't being spiteful, just incompetent. The hand-off of your critical-care status between your retail electric provider and Oncor has apparently been mishandled. If you need confirmation that Oncor has you listed as a critical customer, email me your name and address and I'll check on it.
Email sent Bob, I think Oncor may have changed the requirements for the Critical Care designation. Any help you could give would be most appreciated!

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