Thursday, April 9, 2009


Dudley Finally Got Through To The People ...


at the power company. Dudley was on the way to his neurologists office Tuesday afternoon when he got a call on his cell phone. He answered it and it was the lady at the power company who had responded to Dudley's complaint with the Public Utilities Commission and denied my request to be put on the Critical Care Customer list a second time. Dudley had his neurologist write a narrative report stating that Dudley required the use of two life support machines while he is sleeping and that without them is prone to going into respiratory failure. Dudley mentioned that they might want to take a close look at my doctors credentials at the top of his letterhead. In addition to being a board certified specialist in multiple medical disciplines, he is also a board certified attorney. Apparently the power company decided not to risk me pursuing the matter further and possibly bringing attention to their indifference. At any rate clearer heads prevailed and Dudley is now on the list. Dudley is going to look into buying a small generator in case we get hit with a large scale power outage. Hopefully we will make it through the spring storm season with out any trouble but you just never know.

I'd damn sure get a generator if my life depended on the availability of electricity. I don't know about your power company but you can trust the EMC up here about as far as you can throw them.
Ya Hermit I am going to purchase a small four cycle generator that I can use to run my machines in an emergency.

A Doctor AND a Lawyer?! I bet his mother-in-law is happy for her daughter.

Ditto on the generator.

Good to hear the power company got the message, though.
Joated he is a smart man to be sure and no doubt his mother in law is proud. What makes it more amazing is that the doctor/lawyer also has muscular dystrophy!

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