Tuesday, February 3, 2009


What A Dope !!!

I have to agree with you. What a way to ruin your career.
If I won eight gold medals and was raking in the endorsement money, I would not do anything near that stupid.

What is that guy doing, sucking a test tube full of piss? WTF?
Hermit he appears to be smoking marijuana from a bong. The photo was taken recently at a college party in South Carolina from what I understand.

The bigger mistake was getting his picture taken.
I don't see any evil weed in that tube. Just amber water. Do you boil the pot up in it or something. I thought a bong was a leather bag for wine. I guess I am out of touch.
That was a major mistake Joe, going to cost him millions of dollars in endorsements no doubt.

Don't ask me Hermit, I am sure our teenaged childen could tell us about how it's done.

I can tell you how it works. I know people.
There is a little bowl on the side where you put the weed. a small tube extends from the bottom of the bowl through into the main large tube. water is put inside the main tube above the level of the bowl. then as one draws in from the top as Mr. Phelps shows us, the weed is torched with a lighter and the smoke passes into the main tube and is filtered through the water. This causes the remaining air space to fill with a dense smooth smoke. The bowl is then removed and all the smoke collected into the main tube quickly shoots into the lungs. its supposed to get you wicked fuckin' high. so iv'e been told.
Joe I should have known a true scientist would be able to explain how this works.

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