Monday, February 23, 2009


Here Are Some Photos Of Dudleys Son ...

shooting our new Remington Tactical 870 12 gauge shotgun. It is a sweet gun for home defense and close quarters shooting. It has a Knoxx Spec Ops folding recoil reducing stock and an 18 inch barrel and a magazine extension. He shot a total of 50 rounds of 00 buckshot with it today and had a great time doing it. Frank said there was not much felt recoil at all. Dudley is going to buy some magnum loads and try them out. With the recoil reducer, they should not be that bad to shoot. It was a nice day at the range, the weather was perfect for shooting. We had to shoot the shotgun with the buckshot on the 30 yard range. This was a little far for being able to pattern the loads but we will probably take it to an indoor gun range next time and shoot it at a closer distance.

That looks like a lot of fun. Now all you need is a Nixon mask and a liquor store....
It was a lot of fun Hermit. Forget the liquor store, we bought this gun to have fun at the range and to shoot the bad guys should they kick our door down in the middle of the night!

nice shotgun. reminds me of a Winchester defender in its utility.
Thanks Joe, I used to want a Winchester Defender but ended up getting the Remington 870 Tactical. Both are good defensive weapons.

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