Friday, February 27, 2009


Dudley Called Remington Yesterday ...

and ordered a new extended tactical choke yesterday for his 870 tactical shotgun. Dudley really did not need it but wanted it just the same. It will look bad ass on the end of the barrel. This should act as a muzzle brake and should lessen the recoil and more importantly should reduce muzzle flip resulting in quicker target acquisition on follow up shots. Dudley was planning on taking his shotgun to a gunsmith to install a rem choke or cut threads into the inside of the barrel so the tactical choke could be put on. When I spoke to Remington, the girl I spoke with said they did not recommend altering the gun in any way, she then said everyone does it but they don't recommend it. I asked her if they could sell me a barrel with black oxide finish that would fit my gun and would work with the new choke. She put me on hold and after a short time came back and said they had one that is 18 and one half inches long that would work. I asked her how much and she said $144.00. I told her to send me the barrel and the choke. They are both on back order and I probably will have to wait six to eight weeks. I just hope the barrel will fit my gun and the choke as she said it would. If it doesn't Dudley will be more than a little pissed off. If it works, it will be a lot easier than taking it to the gunsmith as it is a 250 mile round trip to his shop. I figure the cost would have been around 100.00 to get the gunsmith to install the choke, when you figure in the cost of the gasoline and the wear and tear on the pickup and Dudleys time, he will come out ahead buying the new barrel. If it works, I should be able to sell the other barrel on Gunbroker and recover a good deal of the cost.

Sounds like you are building a really nice gun there. I'll be interested in seeing how it works out.
I will let you know Hermit. I also want to put on a set of Trak-Lock II Ghost Ring, Tritium Front and Rear sights.

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