Saturday, February 14, 2009


Dudley And Wife Have Been Noticing Some Unusual ...

charges the last couple of months on the bank statement. A charge to Value Max in the amount of $19.95 this month and last month. Dudley checks the bank statement pretty much daily online and if he sees anything he is not sure about he always asks. When this charge showed up, Dudleys wife called the bank and got a phone number for Value Max and called it and was directed to a website. This was some kind of shopping savings program which Dudley and wife had not signed up for. Dudley looked it up on Google and found that there have been multiple complaints against this marketing company for unauthorized charges to credit/debit cards. Dudley called up the bank and told them what he had found and to advise he was disputing these charges. The bank is going to send Dudley some fraud affidavits to sign and return to the bank. I hope they will refund the $39.90 we had stolen out of our account. Dudley took the necessary steps to make sure Value Max will not submit any more unauthorized charges to his account. These kind of crooks really piss Dudley off. They should be drug off and shot!

Good thing you caught it quickly! This kind of thing really ticks me off!
Thanks Terri, it is hard enough making ends meet with out some cook stealing our money.

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