Monday, December 29, 2008


We Drove Through Wichita Falls On Our Way ...

to the Texas Panhandle. This was where Dudley and Big Sis were born back in the mid to late 1950's and where we lived until Dudley's father left. We moved to Fort Worth the summer of 1968 or 1969. The exact year is not clear. I do remember it was the summer after the fourth grade at Fain Elementary. Dudley's life fell apart when his father moved out and he has spent the rest of his life trying to put the pieces back together. I guess one should try to look forward and not back at the difficult times in one's life. As Dudley has gotten older and wiser, he has found the answers to some of life's questions but not all of them. Wichita Falls sure has changed a lot since we left. It was good to see Fain Elementary still standing. It was even better to see the same bike rack still in use where Dudley parked his 1966 or 1967 Coppertone Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycle some forty plus years ago. The small creek and bridge we used to cross at the corner of the school yard many years ago was no longer there. I wonder where it went? It probably took some time to fill in the creek with a storm drain and cover it up. Dudley's world came crashing down a lot faster that night over forty years ago when Dudley's father walked out of the door and never came back home.

Dudley, life is one big shit sandwich, and every day you have to wake up and take a bite. That's how it seems to me.
It sure seems that way at times doesn't it Hermit.

Your old man wasn't exactly "Father of the Year" material, was he then? That really bites. But you've done well. You're a good man and a great father.
I've got to agree with Bob. As far as I can tell you didn't let history repeat.

As for that Schwinn. I had one just like it. I remember thinking i was a hot shit and took my first ride down a steep hill. Which brought me face first into a fence.
Thanks Bob, I have tried to be a better father but the jury is still out. Will keep trying as long as there is life left in me.

Thanks Joe, I did not run into a fence but did wreck my orange krate trying to copy Evel Knieval. I made a jump off of a three foot high ramp and lost control upon landing and went head over heels into my neighbors garage.

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