Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This Is The House Dudley Lived In ...

from age 7 until he was 9 or 10 years old. The address was 1607 Singleton Street. The house looks pretty much the way I remember it. This is the house where this memorable event took place. There was a playhouse in the backyard of this house when we moved in. It was kind of run down but fun just the same. We used it as a fort and a lot of battles were fought in and around there. When I was a kid, there were two giant sycamore trees in front of the house by the street. In the summer the seed balls would fall off of the trees into the yard by the hundreds if not thousands. My friends and I would collect them and use them as weapons in our battles. My good friend Russell lived on the other end of this street. He had a really neat tree house his father built him in his backyard. We used to spend the night in the tree house and would get up and roam the neighborhood late at night. I remember one summer night we were walking barefooted down the middle of the street after midnight. We had turned our flashlights off and were having a good time talking and enjoying being out rambling around. Russell started getting excited and I asked him what in the heck he was doing. He said I just stepped on something. We both turned on our flashlights in time to see a big hairy tarantula running from underfoot. I think we left our flashlights on after that.

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