Thursday, December 4, 2008


Happy Birthday Dad, Your Son Sure Does Miss You ...

Dad I hope you are far away from all of the trials and tribulations of this world. You lived your life your way and you made many mistakes no doubt but you left a son behind that loves you and cherishes the memories of the good times we had together, too few and far between as they may have been. As a father now, I understand that trying to make a living and life in general keeps us from doing many of the things we would like to do. You left behind people that loved you and remember you as they carry on with their lives and I think that is about the best anyone can really hope for in this world. I hope you are at peace and are in the mountains you loved catching trophy trout on your Granger Bamboo Flyrod. Rest In Peace Dad.

That was a beautiful message to your dad. He sounds like he was a great guy.
I love you too Daddy...Happy Birthday.
Thanks Terri, he had many faults but he was my father and I loved him just the same.

The pain gets easier to handle but it never goes away...
You are right BobG, my dad died over twenty three years ago and the pain is still there.

You put me to shame. I don't think I could write such a tender tribute to my dad. (My dad was a good man and a good father -- just not one who shared feelings easily. And so, likewise my bent is to be way too timid about just saying, "I love you" to my own sons.) As I say, you put me to shame.
Bob, I am with you in that we all need to remember our blessings and should tell our children we love them at every opportunity.

A very nice tribute to your Dad jdp. They are always with you no matter what. One day we will all be together again.
Thanks Marian, I also believe we will all be reunited one day with our loved ones. What a wonderful day that will be!

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