Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Frank Took The Jeep Out And Drove It ...

around the neighborhood the other day to keep the battery charged up. We are not driving it much right now, it has an oil leak and we need to get it in the shop to get it fixed. Will probably wait until early summer to put it in the shop. Then it will be time to take the top off and drive the Jeep like God intended. Used to enjoy driving it in the winter time especially when it snowed or sleeted. Now if we get that kind of weather, it would be easier to go in Frank's pickup, it has four wheel drive and the heater in his Chevy works a lot better than the heater in the Jeep. Dudley cleaned out his pickup today getting ready for our deer hunting trip. Dudley will be busy tomorrow washing and drying his hunting clothes and packing his duffel bag and getting our hunting gear ready. Frank will be working all day tomorrow so he will not be around to help. He will be here to load the truck and that is a good thing. The other guy that has muscular dystrophy that will hunting with us called, he is excited about the hunt as is Dudley and son. His son is not going to be able to go so it will be just the three of us hunting. He is planning on taking six deer. I told him my son and I were planning on taking two does each and a cull buck if the opportunity presents itself. He said that the ranch we will be hunting on has managed land deer permits so we will not be required to use the tags on our licenses. It looks like the weather is going to be pretty nice for our hunt. If Dudley can get the wireless Internet to work in the motel room, he will try to post some photos from the hunt Friday night.

look forward to the pics of big bucks.
Joe we may only harvest anterless deer. Will post photos either way.

Nice Jeep. I miss my Wrangler. The Cherokee comes out of the shop tomorrow.
Thanks Hermit! I have hung on to my CJ for over 25 years, I hope to pass it down to my son some day.

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