Friday, December 26, 2008


Frank Is Staying With His Grandparents ...

in East Texas so he can do a little deer hunting this weekend. This morning he saw a pretty good buck run across an opening right by where he and his grandpa put out a jar of peanut butter recently. By the time he got his gun up to the window of the deer stand, the buck was gone. They are hunting in an area of woods that was partially logged a year or two ago. There are a lot of brush piles, blow downs as well as trees and underbrush in the area. They have some corn feeders out and the jar of peanut butter. This late in the season, the acorns have all been eaten and the deer are on the move looking for something to eat. It was real windy today and unseasonably warm. It is supposed to rain tomorrow morning sometime when a cold front blows through. I recently learned about using peanut butter to attract deer late in the season. A guy explained that you buy a large jar of the cheapest peanut butter you can find. You nail the jar lid to a tree about three and one half feet off of the ground. You then screw the jar onto the jar lid. After that, you take a knife and cut the bottom out of the plastic peanut butter jar. The deer will lick at the peanut butter until it is all gone or at least that is the claim. I hope it works, Frank has not killed a buck down at the farm in several years and I would like to see him get one this year.

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