Sunday, December 21, 2008


Frank And I Made It Back Home Last Night ...

from our hunting trip up in the Texas Panhandle. We got home very tired but riding a high after what was no doubt the most exciting hunt we have ever been on together. We bagged a total of three deer for which we hunted hard. In a few days, will post in detail about the hunt on my secondary blog, Hunting And Fishing With Dudley. The country up near Shamrock Texas is beautiful wide open with views for miles from the ridges with many cultivated fields planted in winter wheat lined with tree rows that act as wind breaks to cut down on erosion. It is prime habitat for whitetail deer and turkeys. We ended up not going pheasant hunting as it took up all of our allotted time to bag the deer we took to the processor. The people we hunted with were great and Frank and I hope to go back up there some day on another hunt.

Congratulations on a successful hunt!

Of course, even if you had been skunked, it would have still been a successful outing with your son.
Thanks Joated, It was great getting out of the big city and seeing some wide open space in God's great outdoors. Spending quality time with my son was fun and bagging three deer was icing on the cake!

That's good news. Not only do you have a good time, but you saved yourself some money. That's good meat.
It was great fun Hermit, by the time you figure in the cost of the gasoline, the motel, meals, the cost of the hunt and tips to the guide ... Don't tell my wife the cost per pound for the venison. Could go to the store and buy twice as much beef and have enough left over to go out for a steak dinner!

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