Friday, December 26, 2008


Dudley Has Been Accused Of Having A Warped ...

sense of humor. I guess there is some truth to this but at least I am not as warped as some college students that live across town. Frank told me about seeing a house over by TCU where some college students had created a unique lighted Christmas display up on the roof of their house. They took a couple of those white wire life sized deer that people put in their front yards. They put them up on their roof with white Christmas lights which proudly shows the buck deer mounting the doe deer for all of the neighbors to see! Dudley did find the display pretty humorous but Dudley is guided by a certain amount of good taste and decorum. I wonder what their neighbors think? Dudley's daughter heard about it and wanted to see it so Dudley drove her and her friend Melissa over there tonight to see it and to try to get a photo for Dudley's Diary. It was not to be, the humping deer took the night off and were no where to be seen. I wonder if they forgot to pay their electric bill?

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