Saturday, December 13, 2008


Dudley Found Out Some Good News Yesterday ...

which is great. We have not been using our walk in shower for over a month because it appeared the shower pan had sprung a bad leak and was putting water all over the bathroom floor every time we took a shower. I had a plumber come out and look at it and I showed him where the floor in the shower was loose along the wall where the water was accumulating. He did not test the shower pan and we both decided it was going to have to be replaced. Dudley had called and spoken to a tile man that had recently redone Frank's bosses shower. He did a good job and was reasonable in his rates. Dudley had decided to wait until after the first of the year to get this done. Dudley's wife was in the bathroom the other day and discovered that the water line feeding into the toilet was leaking. The floor must slope towards the shower because all of the water was running and standing along the shower wall. Frank got a wrench and tightened the connection and the water leak is fixed! Frank and I have both taken a shower and there is no water on the floor. This is great news which we could use around the Dudley domicile. Last night Dudley spoke to the outfitter we are going to be hunting with and the other disabled hunter and we have moved out trip up by one day. Dudley called and was relieved to be able to change the motel reservations without any problem. The lady was real nice and made sure I got a Handicapped-Accessible room on the first floor. Dudley called this morning and spoke to the deer processor the outfitter suggested we use. They normally charge 65.00 per deer for processing. The outfitter is wanting us to take at least two deer each. Dudley called and advised the outfitter is going to skin and quarter the deer for us and would they give a discount for this as well as a quantity discount. Dudley negotiated a price per deer of $35.00 per deer which is a bargain. This is for cutting the back straps and choice cuts into steaks and grinding the rest into hamburger and chili meat. We will have more deer than we can eat in a year. I bet Dudley can find some friends and neighbors willing to take some of the processed venison off of our hands.

Sounds like you really had a lucky day!

BTW: If you can't eat two deer in a year, you're doing it wrong. ;-)

Then again, if I remember correctly, you said you were going with your son so that would be FOUR deer. So you are to be forgiven if there are leftovers...maybe.
Joated, we can eat two deer easily in a year. Have done so in the past many times. Probably can eat two and a half or three. We should get at least four does on this trip and if we get the green light on a cull buck, could be more. I am sure we can give some away if need be. We have a small chest freezer and it will only hold so much.

It's always something with houses and vehicles. As soon as you get one thing squared away, something else pops up and you never get to just rest. I'm glad the shower problem turned out to be a non event.
You've done well with your planning for the deer hunt. I hope you are successful. It's good for the herd to keep the numbers down, and the meat is good.
Hope everything else is going well. Life can be a struggle sometimes.
Hermit you are right about houses and vehicles. It is always something. We are excited about the deer hunt. Things are not going well on the homefront I am sorry to say.

Well, stick with it. I know it's hard but I believe it will work out.
Thanks Hermit!

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