Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Things Are Getting Back To Normal Here At The Dudley Domicile ...

Dudleys daughter made it back to school today and Dudley went to the doctor. The wait was not too bad, I got out of there in less than an hour which is pretty good, probably closer to 45 minutes. Dudley saw the Physician's Assistant he usually sees and has developed a good rapport with. Usually I tell him what is wrong with me and what drugs I need and he gives them to me. How is that for a doctor patient relationship. While I was there, I got three count em three shots. A cortisone shot in the hip and a flu shot in my left arm and a pneumonia shot in my right arm. I got a free sample of nasal spray and a prescription for a strong antibiotic. The shot and the nose spray seemed to help pretty quickly. I am breathing through my nose pretty good tonight. I may actually be able to stay hooked up to my Bipap machine and oxygen concentrator and get a little sleep. The last couple of nights has been pretty rough. Hopefully I will start to feel good enough in a few days to go and vote early. I am going to go watch the rest of the Mavericks game and try to get some sleep for a change.

Ask him for a couple of keys of Bolivian Marching Dust. I bet he can't come up with that!
Hermit I was talking more along the lines of legal prescription drugs.

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