Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Dudley Ordered A New Knife Yesterday ...

because he has been looking for his CRKT assisted opener for over a year and has been unable to find it. Dudley figured it must have fallen out of his pocket or he used it and left it God knows where. Dudley showed his son the knife he ordered online and he thought it looked pretty sweet. Said he may have to get him one. It is an assisted opener as well but this knife opens straight out like a stiletto. This knife also has a steel punch on the end of the handle for when you or some other dumbass drives off into the lake and you need to break out the window glass. Dudley is surprised this knife is legal but it is made by Schrade so I am sure it must be. Schrade makes good knives, Dudley used a Schrade 152OT for years back when he was still able to deer hunt and able to field dress a deer on his own. Today my son was digging around in a box on the floor of his room and guess what he found. You guessed it, he found my lost knife. Dudley can carry the old one until his new knife gets here. It may take a while as Dudley got an email this morning advising it was on back order. If you want to see a video of the new knife in action, click here.

You can get good knives cheap at BudK. They have a web site but I can't remember the url.

Glad your son found your knife. I went nuts looking for a pistol and shoulder holster I mislaid a few months ago.
Hermit, I looked up BudK, they have this knife for $49.99. The Knife Center has it for $33.95. Of course it is on backorder but I will wait to save almost sixteen bucks.

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